When words leave off
music begins.


Music serves one true purpose – to express truth, beauty, love, reality, hopes and dreams. And so with Noryn as the storyteller weaving a tale of her musical journey, “how it all began and how it has been for me…”

Singer. Artiste. Performer… these are the words used to describe the many faces of Noryn Aziz. She gained her diploma in classical music at UITM, and later her Bachelor of Music at the International College of Music specializing in arranging. A classically-trained singer who embraces contemporary music, Noryn is also a qualified vocal coach, a natural lyricist and songwriter who has made R&B and jazz her forte.


Her music background started as early as since she was 18 when she recorded a duet album in the year of 1996. In the year of 1988 she came out with her first solo pop acoustic album and in the year 2000 she entered International College of Music (ICOM) to further her studies in music, it was then she adapted her jazz singing into her career. As for that particular time, she was doing some soul searching through her musical journey. So then she found that jazz is the best genre for her to evolve her musical ability and through performances she gained experiences and knowledge to be more independent and be better in her performance.

Noryn embodies a new breed of modern vocalists in this style, heartfelt and true with their passion for jazz yet equally adept in the contemporary / pop sphere. With an elegant, shining personality and an exotic physical sheen, it has become obvious to Malaysian and regional audiences that she was made for this music. Already a veteran on the international stage in her 20s, and a staple among older artistes and co-billers, it is her warm, age-old voice that draws in a universal acquaintance.